Brentwood Golf Club, located in the East Bay in the foothills of scenic Mount Diablo, is proud to offer 27 Holes of Championship Golf designed by world renowned golf course architect, Ted Robinson. Public play is welcome. The golf course accepts tee time reservations 7 days in advance or a "spur of the moment" golf outing in sunny Brentwood can be arranged on short notice.

The Creekside, Hillside, and Diablo Golf Courses provide a tremendous test to golfers of all skill levels. 

Brentwood Golf Club's PGA professional staff members offer both private and group golf instruction programs that fulfill the needs of all individuals, from the beginner to the more advanced player.

Our facilities include a sports bar, conference rooms and banquet facilities.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips, Creekside:

#1 Avoid the bunkers on the left and a good tee shot could set up a birdie opportunity. Favor the right side on your second shot to set up the best angle of approach.

#2 Long straight difficult hole has a bunker on the right that swallows plenty of golf shots. Favor the left center but hit it too far left and you’ve got tree trouble.

#3 Straight away par 5, avoid the deep bunkers on the left at all cost. Hit your ball in one of those and you’ll be able to advance your ball no more than 75 yards or so.

#4 Very difficult hole, avoiding the bunkers on the right should set you up for a good hole but beware of the bunker 20 yards or so in front of the green. No run up shots here. Plenty of slopes on the green.

#5 Lay up hole for most players. Select a club that will leave you 125-150 yards out and favor the left to avoid the water on the right.

#6 Plays a little longer than the yardage because of the prevailing wind. Two-tiered green, hit it on the proper level to avoid headaches.

#7 Last birdie chance on this nine, take advantage by hitting a good tee shot right center of the fairway for a good approach to this green.

#8 A long carry over water awaits players on this hole, avoid the bunker on the right, very difficult up and down from down there.

#9 Long hole into the prevailing wind, bunker left, water right, fairway middle, you choose.

I want to thank you for all of your help and support that you gave us for our tournament! You guys did so much for us and we really appreciate it! The course was beautiful, dinner was delicious and the hospitality was second to none!

Tod B., Delta Wrestling Club

Pro Tips, Hillside:

#1 Dogleg left uphill all the way, take 1 to 3 clubs more for your approach depending on the wind two-tiered green.

#2 Downhill par 3. What you see is what you get. Do not short –side yourself if you miss this green, tough up and down if you do.

#3 Slight dogleg right uphill, avoid the greenside bunker it is a toughie. Approach shots play longer than the yardage.

#4 Signature hole at BGC. Water hazards along the right side all the way to this “island green”. Long hitters can knock it on in two but requires plenty of accuracy.

#5 Try to leave yourself 100-150 yards out to the green, a lake that is not visible from the tee box guards this green starting at the 75 yard marker.

#6 Uphill downhill par 5. Avoid the bunker on the right on your tee shot. Make sure to hit this green on your approach, very difficult to get up and down when missed.

#7 Risk / reward par 4. Safe play is to hit fairway wood or long iron favoring the left side of the fairway or take your driver out and go for it!

#8 Deceivingly difficult par 3 over water. Plenty of deep bunkers to avoid. Aim for the middle of the green.

#9 Plenty of trouble lurking on this difficult hole. Hit your tee shot right center of the fairway to avoid water on the left that is not visible from the tee box. Approach shot; bunker left, water right, water behind the green… good luck.  

Pro Tips, Diablo:

#1 The Lake on the left is reachable from the tee with a shot of 200 plus yards, so favor the right side of the fairway.

#2 Classic risk / reward par 4. Longer hitters can go for the green but you better clear the lake or else.

#3 Left center is the shot here from the tee to avoid the bunkers on the right. Do not overshoot the green on the left side or your ball will find the water hazard behind.

#4 Avoid the bunkers on the left, a right center tee shot give you the best angle of approach.

#5 Picturesque par 3 over water, green has two levels, will sometimes play a club longer then the yardage.

#6 Difficult par 5 well bunkered hole from the tee. Favor the left side on your second shot to avoid pot bunkers on the right. Green slopes from back to front more severely then it looks.

#7 Two tiered green; get the ball on the proper level to avoid a potential 3 putt.

#8 Par 5, usually plays down wind. Big hitters have a chance to knock it on in two into this well-bunkered green.

#9 Short dogleg left, safe play is to hit a long iron right center to avoid the water. Big hitters could try to carry driver over the water but the risk might not be worth the reward.